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Invesment policies for cash
Do you currently hold a restricted policy but require the funds urgently for any unforeseen expenses or emergencies ?

How it works . . .

According to the long term insurance act only one loan and one part surrender may be taken out during the first five years of its existence.

Once the loan and surrender have been affected then the policy becomes "restricted" which means that no further cash withdrawals can be made from the policy until the end of the five year period, this in turn leaves the policy holder with a non-liquid asset.

Once a policy reaches restricted status, the policy cannot even be ceded as security for a loan leaving one to turn to other methods of funding.

Our solution. . . .

SA Loan Services is proud to have partnered with large liquidity providers who are now able to buy your policies for cash which allows you to get that much needed cash in a shorter space of time.

We are able to but the following types of policies,
Investment policies
Educational Plans/Policies
Savings Plans
Fixed Deposits
Restriced Policies
Please note that we are unable to purchse, Life, Death, Retirement or Pension/Preservation Policies
How to apply . . .
Applying is a quick and easy process and you can have the cash in your account within a matter of days.

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