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SA Loan Services is A registered company within the Boarders of South Africa . We are Loan Brokers whom specialize in the procurement and facilitation of applying for a loan . We have 10 years of industry experience and knowledge ensuring a Professional service.  With our extensive knowledge of the legal requirements and processes of applying for credit we greatly maximize ones chances further. we also facilitate the entire process and offer step by step guidance to you. We DO NOT pass on your information to any 3rd party other then the credit provider themselves.

Our staff and Directors have been trained and are experienced accordingly. We also work together with key industry members and loan providers to bring you a more effective and up to date loan product by addressing the needs of our consumers.

The advice provided is solely based on loans, We are not financial planners and DO NOT offer investment advice of any kind. All information expressed in this website and any material provided has been researched as accurately as possible. The law in itself is constantly changing all the time an we will try our best to maintain such standing whilst also maintaining that such laws that are deemed old and counter productive are taken up with the relevant bodies and government forums in the best interests of all parties involved. SA Loan Services will not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may arise from the use of such information. While all efforts have been made to ensure accuracy this information is purely for guide purposes and use of such information is at the sole discretion of the consumer.
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