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Bad credit consolidation loans
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“What are consolidation loan?”

Consolidation loans are loans that are used primarily to pay off other loans and have only one monthly repayment as apposed to different installments from different companies which also reduce ones monthly repayment debts and allows them to have more disposable income at the end of the month. Consolidation loans are useful if you find that you are struggling to meet your monthly debts. One can very easily find themselves in such a situation for many reasons such as loss of income from a spouse whom used to contribute or the rising costs of living such as petrol price hikes, food and other increases. Unfortunately there is not much one can do to control these increases and in hard times one needs to make adjustments to accommodate this.

“What consolidation products do we offer? “

We at SA Loan Services offer consolidation loans up to R120 000 and up to 60 months to repay.

“Can I qualify for a consolidation loan if I am blacklisted?”

The short answer to this is yes, however one needs to understand that when applying for a consolidation loan all applications need to be within NCR guidelines to prevent reckless lending. While there are companies such as SA Loan Services who offer consolidation loans one needs to understand that not all blacklisted individuals may qualify. Typically Consolidation loans have a long repayment period and as such credit providers are stricter when it comes to this. Each company also has its own set of Criteria that needs to be met in order to qualify.

“What kinds of debt can be consolidated?”

This may vary from banks to private companies but typically only loans can be consolidated and the debt must not be in legal collection status.

“How do I apply for a consolidation loan?”

Simply complete our quick and easy online application form to check if you qualify for a bad credit consolidation loan. 
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